The scholarships have been set at $10,000/year based on the relatively low annual cost of attending FSU. The Scholarship allows the recipient to either commit to a period of teaching in a high-needs school, or to repay the full dollar amount of the loan within six years in lieu of the teaching commitment

The Noyce Scholarship will be given to students who are committed to teaching in high needs schools. Students who wish to apply for the Noyce Scholarship must demonstrate this commitment prior to applying for the scholarship as a Noyce Candidate. These Noyce Candidates are encouraged to attend meetings, participate in volunteer work and travel to community functions before applying for the scholarship. (See Noyce Calendar.)  Opportunities are open to juniors and seniors prior to applying the following semester or year. Scholarships will be awarded for one year unless, in rare cases, a junior demonstrates commitment above and beyond what is required. However, scholars who are not in a funding cycle (e.g., seniors who only received an award as juniors) are expected to continue to attend meetings and experiences in preparation for their future assignments.  Scholarship monies are awarded by semester and can be revoked for the subsequent semester if the scholar does not meet participation requirements. More information will be posted to this site and students will be notified via email and in FSU-Teach classes.

The deadline for the Fall 2017 award is Sept. 5, 2017.  

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