Reasons to Try FSU-Teach!

Some Reasons to Consider Adding the FSU-Teach Major

  • Through FSU-Teach undergraduate students majoring in math or science can receive a double major degree and full teaching certification, all in four years.  That means you'll have more career options after graduation — you’ll be able to go directly into teaching, a STEM profession, or graduate school.
  • The program will cover the instate tuition, books & fees associated with the two introductory courses where you explore what teaching is like at no additional costs. The first one you will take is SMT 1043: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching.
  • You can get a job almost anywhere in the U.S. or abroad as a science or math teacher, often before you have even turned your tassel, because mathematics and science teachers are needed in every U.S. state and many countries! That means you can decide where you would like to start your career.
  • Did you know that the starting 9-10 month salary of a teacher in the state of Florida today is $43,000 to $47,500 while average yearly salary of a 2018-2019 FSU graduate in the first year of employment was $41,645.  Nationally, by mid-career, teachers can be earning between $64,000 and $102,000 depending on the cost-of-living in their area.
  • Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than other jobs that require the same degree.  In the U.S., teachers retire at age 59, on average, compared to age 63 for all occupations.


Financial Support While You’re at FSU:

  • Federal TEACH Grants ($4,000/ year to support students during college).
  • FSU-Teach STEM Scholarships ($1000) and Apprentice Teaching Scholarships ($2000).
  • FSU’s College of Education offers more scholarships that any other College on Campus, over $660,000!
  • Paid Internships available to students in the program.


Questions?  Please give us a call at 850-644-1935!


FSU-Teach: Teach Like a Nole!

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