STEM Outreach for At-Risk Youth (SOAR) Internships:


The Noyce Phase II internship program also offers SOAR internships for students not already enrolled in the FSU-Teach program. These STEM Outreach for At-Risk Youth internships are semester-long commitments with STEM faculty who offer outreach to the local community. The internships will encompass roughly 100 hours spread over a semester or a year (timing dependent on the faculty and students’ schedules). These internships will be situated in a variety of STEM settings (e.g.,  FSU/FAMU College of Engineering, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, FSU Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biochemistry, FSU’s Office of Science Teaching, and Tallahassee Community College).  Each of these outreach opportunities is particularly focused on working with the local community and students in high needs settings. It is anticipated that these internships will engage the interns in the practices of engineering, science, and mathematics as well as engage them in these practices in teaching.  Particular emphasis will be on the development of multidisciplinary models to teach concepts to primary and secondary school students. The goal of these internships is to provide students with a STEM research background with experiences in high needs settings under the guidance of a mentor invested in teaching.  This will be shown through intern projects/posters presented at the annual STEM Equity Conference. The conference will bring together interns, pre-service teachers, practicing teachers, and multidisciplinary faculty in order to highlight insights working in these high needs settings.

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