About FSU-Teach


Introduction to the Classroom

Students who decide to participate in FSU-Teach begin with two introductory classes that are free of charge and offer the chance to explore teaching in a local K-12 school using research-based lessons. Education courses throughout the program continue this focus on teaching science or math using the public school setting for real-life experiences.



Coursework for FSU-Teach students is complete and rigorous in both majors; however, it still allows for graduation in four years.


Support Via Master Teachers

Master teachers are FSU faculty members who are veteran teachers of grades 6-12. They teach courses and coordinate/support real-life teaching experiences for FSU-Teach students. Master teachers mentor FSU-Teach students from their entrance into the program to post graduation and are accessible to the students as a consistent source of support.


Support Via Mentor Teachers

Mentor teachers are teachers currently teaching in K-12 schools who help FSU-Teach students with feedback on lesson planning, teaching strategies, classroom management and other important issues that teachers face in today’s classrooms.


Support Via FSU-Teach Faculty

Faculty members from both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education work closely with the FSU-Teach students. These faculty members all share an avid interest in K-12 education though their areas of expertise may vary widely.


A Unique University Experience

FSU-Teach students form a close community in which they can share experiences of college life through many special university resources devoted to them. They continue to support each other after graduation through a network that is part of the FSU-Teach new teacher induction program.


After Graduation

FSU-Teach provides continued support for its graduates by offering face-to-face and/or online support through regularly scheduled professional development to help them overcome challenges in the classroom.

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