Robert Noyce Scholarship

The National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Phase II Program

(The Noyce program has finished but will be resumed pending new funding.)

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a Phase II grant to Florid State University for their Robert E. Noyce Scholarship Program. The grant entitled: Preparing and Supporting Equitable Teaching in Mathematics and Science Classrooms: The FSU-Teach Noyce Program, extends the work begun in the Phase I five years earlier. Phase II continues the collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences (Dr. Joseph Travis. Dr. Alex Kercheval) and the College of Education (Dr. Sherry Southerland, Dr. Christy Andrews-Larson) while this time bringing in the College of Engineering (Dr. Chiang Shih). This collaborative effort aims to bring highly qualified STEM students into high needs classrooms through scholarships to students with strong content background who are committed to learning to teach effective in high needs settings. Along with the scholarships, Phase II brings in a strong induction program for graduated scholars as well as affording stipends for STEM students thinking about careers in education for outreach work. This project fosters not only teaching in high needs schools but also a multidisciplinary community through the joint efforts of interns, scholars, mentors, faculty, and teachers at the STEM Equity Conference to showcase topics related to teaching in high needs classrooms. The effort will serve as a field site for research that focuses on identifying the affective and contextual characteristics that best prepare STEM teachers for work with underserved learners.

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