Reasons to Join FSU-Teach!

FSU-Teach: Teach Like a Nole!

FSU-Teach is a unique opportunity available to students majoring in math or science.  This option allows students to get a double major in four years, the first in their subject area (biology, chemistry, physics, geosciences, mathematics, or environmental science) and the second in mathematics or science teaching. The coursework in both majors is streamlined to allow students to graduate within four years


The program will cover the costs (instate tuition, books & fees) associated with the two introductory courses where you explore what teaching is like at no additional costs. The first one you will take is SMT 1043: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching.


Some Reasons to Consider Adding the FSU-Teach Major


Expand your Options, but not your Time: FSU-Teach lets undergraduate students majoring in math or science receive both their subject matter degree and full teaching certification in four years at no extra time.  That means you'll have more career options after graduation — you’ll be able to go directly into teaching, a STEM profession, or graduate school.


Job Security After Graduation: Mathematics and Science Teachers have been a critical shortage area in the State of Florida for many years.  Since our inception in 2008, 96% of our graduates wishing to secure teaching positions in the year following graduation have done so.  In comparison, in 2013-14, only 74% of all FSU graduates secured a position in the year following graduation.


You Decide Where to Start Your Career:  Because of the shortage, there are ample openings for Mathematics and Science teachers in school districts throughout the state and in most other regions of the country.  That means you can decide where you would like to start your career.


Teacher Salary Information: There are often misconceptions that teachers make "no money!!" While it is true that careers in education will not provide comparable salaries to Corporate America, many find teacher salaries to be much higher than they expected.  The average yearly salary of a 2018-2019 FSU graduate in the first year of employment was $41,645.  The starting 9-10 month salary of a teacher in the state of Florida today is $47,500.  With the passage of THE FLORIDA BEST AND BRIGHTEST TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM in June of 2014, teacher graduates with high SAT/ACT scores and who are evaluated as highly qualified will be awarded a $10,000 bonus, bringing up their salaries substantially.


Financial Support While You’re at FSU:

Noyce Grants ($10,000 support during college)-The Noyce Program has finished, but will be resumed pending new funding.

TEACH Grants ($4,000/ year to support students during college)

FSU’s College of Education offers more scholarships that any other College on Campus

Paid Internships available to students in the program


Questions?  Please give us a call at 850-644-1935!


FSU-Teach---Bringing the best and brightest students into teaching!

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